Month: December 2018

Mindfulness Monitor pt 6

The final mindfulness monitor device and full, comprehensive description of this project, its motivation, development, challenges, and components can be found on the project Devpost site here. Additionally, the full software components for the device can be found on the project Github site here. Here are a few demonstration videos of the device in action.

Mindfulness Monitor pt 5

Our proposal for the mindfulness monitor is built around three primary input vectors. The first, and primary, is the ECG signal. The second most significant is the respiratory rate signal. The third, and least significant is hand movement. During consultations with Dr. Gooneratne, we decided to separate the ECG and respiratory rates as much as […]

Mindfulness Monitor pt 4

While the ECG circuit is well-documented, it was necessary to reconfigure it to accommodate the particular needs of our project. That is, the circuit needs to accommodate the particular electrodes, leads, etc. that we chose to use. The diagram below is the version we used to build our preliminary circuit on a breadboard. Because we […]